#AssaultAtRolesville: Demanding Justice for Jasmine Darwin

The following is a statement by the Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ), an alliance of youth of color leading a movement to end the war on youth in our schools & waging struggle for education as liberation. Coleman Advocates sits on the National Coordinating Committee of AEJ.

On Tuesday, January 3rd, students at Roleville High School in Wake County, North Carolina came back from the winter recess to what has too long been the norm in Black public schools: police assaults. A student-recorded video shows the Rolesville Police Officer body slamming Jasmine Darwin, then jerking her limp body up by the arm and dragging her out of camera view. Officer De Los Santos was placed on paid administrative leave. Jasmine was diagnosed with a concussion and forced to transfer schools.

Nationally, there were 8 documented #AssaultAt school police attacks in 2016. #AssaultAtRolesville is the first one of 2017. For the Alliance, our position is clear: remove cops out of schools!

The #AssaultAtRolesville, like the #AssaultAtSpringValley, like the #AssaultAtBenFranklin, and like the #AssaultAtReachPartnership, once again demonstrate the level of state violence school districts invite into our schools when they enter into agreements with local police departments. For the Black and Brown students of Wake County, this level of state violence is an ongoing assault. Alliance member, Youth Organizing Institute, has actively been organizing to remove cops from Wake County schools, and have been first responders in demanding justice for Jasmine, her family, and the students of Rolesville High School. This Thursday, YOI, the Education Justice Alliance, and organizers from North Carolina will take action. Lets echo their voices on Twitter, tomorrow at 5PM EST, and demand Wake County end its dangerous school policing practices!

We stand with our sister Jasmine, as we stood and fought for Niya and Shakara, and demand #EndWarOnYouth!

Color of Change has created a petition calling for Officer De Los Santos to be fired. There should be no tolerance for the physical, verbal, mental and emotional abuse done to our children in school.  Terminating Officer De Los Santos’ employment is the first step toward obtaining justice for Jasmine and protecting other students from police violence.

Click here to sign the petition today!


JAN 17, 2017