Five Ways You or Your Organization can Support the Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign!

1. Show your support for Solutions Not Suspensions and for the youth and parent leaders on the front-lines of this effort by clicking here. It takes just seconds for you to sign on to our campaign so that we can show SFUSD and the School Board that the San Francisco community demands Safe and Supportive Schools for All! 

2. Have a couple more minutes to spare to help build better schools in San Francisco? Spread the word to everyone you know by linking to our online campaign endorsement page via facebook, twitter, and through your organizational e-newsletter. Thank you!

And a few more opportunities to show your support and help create safer, more supportive schools in San Francisco: 

Contact Chelsea at to:

3. Endorse our campaign as an organization  (So far we have 25 organizations endorsing!) 

4. collect hard copy supporter card endorsements (we will drop the cards off to you and pick them up when signed)

And then:

5. Come out and bring your friends and colleagues to show mass support, when the policy is formally introduced on December 10th! 

  • 4:30pm: Community Rally on the steps of 555 Franklin Street (the district office)
  • 6:00pm: Board of Education meeting where the resolution will be introduced
NOV 7, 2013