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Previous E-newsletter editions:

5/31/16 In This Issue: 

CACY Graduations!

YMAC Puts on Open Mic Night!

Coleman wins a seat on the DSC Coordinating Committee!

Sponsor our YMAC commemorative Yearbook!

Coleman’s Kevine Boggess is honored by California Teachers Association

Coleman’s youth receive mini-grant

SFHRC accepting applications for the Hero Award!

SFUSD Family Welcome Day June 5th


5/2/16 In This Issue: 

TOMORROW, 5/3:  Vote16 BOS Hearing

Wednesday, 5/4: Invitation to Stand for Children Day

Monday, 5/9: Save the Date – Blue Ribbon Panel Hearing

Monday, 5/9: Statewide conference on children’s funds with Lt. Gov. Newsom

Wednesday, 5/11: Free webinar in our Fix School Discipline Webinar Series


4/11/16 In This Issue: 

TOMORROW 4/12: Fundraiser for Central City Hospitality House!

THURSDAY 4/14: SFUSD Report of Findings for (LCAP)

FRIDAY, 4/15: (S)olidarity (F)orever (C)elebration

FRIDAY, 4/15: Nominations Due for Thank-A-T4SJ Awards

New Door Ventures Hiring 17-24 Year Olds for Paid Work!

CHALK is hosting their 2nd Annual Power Youth Movement Conference

Save the Date 5/13: 2016 Family Economic Sucess Forum


3/7/16 In this Issue: 

  • 3/8: BOE meeting re AfAm Student Achievement Initiative + support for Lowell BSU
  • Saturday 3/11: Latinx Youth Summit
  • 3/17: African American Parent Advisory Council Meeting
  • San Francisco YouthWorks Hiring for the Summer 2016 Session
  • 3/19: FREE Immigration Legal Consultations & Resource Fair
  • 3/26: Youth Jobs and Resource Fair

2/29/16 In this Issue: 

  • Coleman is hiring a Parent Organizing Coordinator!
  • TOMORROW, TUESDAY 3/1: Walk Out, Shout Out for the Opening of Alex’s Trial
  • TOMORROW, Tuesday, 3/1: Community Meeting to Discuss IFR’s Expansion to the Excelsior
  • San Francisco YouthWorks Will be Hiring for the Summer 2016 Session in March!
  • FREE Immigration Legal Consultations & Resource Fair
  • Colmies receive awards!

2/18/16 In this Issue: 

  • TONIGHT Thurs 2/18: AfAm ParentAdvisory Council
  • Saturday 2/20: SFUSD School Planning Retreat
  • Tuesday 2/23: Come out to Advocate for Lowerin Voting Age to 16
  • Tuesday 2/24: Webinar for Youth Leaders/Organizers
  • Wednesday 2/24: AfAm Students Academic Awards Ceremony
  • Wednesday 2/24: US DOJ Listening Session re SFPD

2/9/16 In this Issue: 

  • Coleman’s Director of Policy makes the case for Ethnic Studies in all chools
  • Tonight 2/9: Coleman E.D. speaking as part of Book Tour for “When We Fight We Win”
  • SOUL West Coast Youth Organizing Institute Applications Due 2/12
  • Saturday 2/13: Community Conversation re experiences of Black students and families in SFUSD
  • Saturday 2/13: Black College Expo
  • Saturday 2/13: Bayview Black History Month and Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration
  • Thursday 2/18: Organizing mtg re SFUSD Sub Shortage
  • Saturday 2/20: SFUSD School Planning Retreat. 


1/26/16 In this Issue:

  • Wednesday 1/27: SFUSD Forum – Making Sense of District Data 
  • Saturday 1/30: Grand Re-Opening of Monroe Elementary School Playground
  • Paid Youth Internship Opportunities with Vote16 AcademySOUL West Coast Youth Organizing Institute Applications Due 2/12

12/24/15 In this issue:


  • Friday 12-15: SF Reclaim MLK Event
  • Board of Ed Commissioners intro Policy to increase support for Students with Incarcerated Parents
  • SOUL West Coast Youth Organizing Institute Applications Due 2/12
12/18/15 In this issue: 
  • 12-9: Justice for Mario Woods
  • 12-10: District mtg re SFUSD Sub Crisis
  • 12-17: African American Parent Advisory Council Meeting
  • In the news

11/18/15 In this issue: 

  • 11/18: Jobs and worker’s rights district 11 Action Team Meeting
  • 11/18: District 7 DCYF Community Input Session
  • 11/19: 5 Year Anniversary Jobs with Justice SF Celebration
  • In the news

10/28/15 In this issue: 

  • Dignity in Schools Campaign Statement on Spring Valley High Assault
  • Ed Trust-West Report Black Minds Matter
  • In the news

10/14/15 In this Issue: 

  • Upcoming District 11 Action Team Meetings
  • 10-17 SFUSD Family Engagement Conference
  • Dia De Los Muertos in the Excelsior
  • Sign Up Today for Amazon Smile!
  • In the News

10/7/15 In this issue:

  • Report-back from Education Not Incarceration Convening
  • 10-17 SFUSD Family Engagement Conference
  • Sign Up Today for Amazon Smile!
  • In the News

9/16/15 In this issue: 

  • TODAY 9/17: End Homelessness, Stop Displacement Actions
  • TONIGHT 9/17: African American Parent Advisory Council Forum
  • CUHJ REport on Community Recommendations for SF’s District 119/19: Black Family Cradle to College and Career Day Resource fair
  • 9/22: Mission Hiring Hall Job Resource Fiar
  • 9/22: Construction and Engineering Career Fair
  • 9/26 CUHJ People’s Summit
  • Save the Date 10/3 to 10/11 DSC National Week of Action

9/9/15 In this issue:

  • Thurs 9/9 The City Takes City Hall
  • 9/26 CUHJ People’s Summit
  • Save the Date 10/3 to 10/11 DSC National Week of Action
  • In the News

8/31/15 In this Issue: 

  • TONIGHT: 1st Bayview PMAC meeting of the school year
  • Save the Date 9/26 for CUHJ Economic Summit
  • Save the Date 10/3 to 10/11 DSC National Week of Action
  • Two new School Discipline Reform Resources
  • In the News

8/28/15 In this issue: 

SFUSD Implementation of School Discipline Reforms: An Update on Progress, Challenges, and Gaps

8/19/15 In this issue: 

  • Webinar: Why aren’t we talking about race in education
  • Webinar: Police in Schools and School Discipline 
  • Youth Leaders Talk about the YMAC Youth Summer Program
  • In the News

7/27/15 In this issue:

  • TODAY 1PM: Speak out for our rights as tenants in SF
  • 8/5: Farewell Party for Chelsea and Neva
  • Introducing two new Coleman staff members!
  • Register today for Excelsior Kids Art & Design Camp
  • Sign Petition to End Solitary Confinement for Youth
  • In the News

7/14/15 In this issue: 

  • Community Briefing on Public School Funding and Reforming Prop 13

6/17/15 In this Issue: 

  • Thursday Hearing on Police Issues
  • Friday SF Budget Public Hearing
  • In the News

5/27/15 In this issue: 

  • Volunteer to help build momentum to change Prop 13.
  • BOE passes Af Am student Achievement Resolution
  • PAC LCAP Report to BOE
  • Language Pathways Resolution + SOTA Resolution
  • Tell Your Senator to End Solitary Confinement for Youth
  • Sat 5/30: Forum on Law Enforcement Bias
  • 6/2: Help Save the Mission
  • In the News

5/20/15 In this issue: 

  • Volunteer to help build momentum to change Prop 13.
  • 5/21: Black Lives Matter at Work Forum
  • Oakland ends willful defiance, funds restorative justice.
  • Close the Gap Coalition weighs in on SFUSD budget priorities.
  • Education highlights from Gov. Brown’s May budget revision
  • In the News

5/12/15 In this issue: 

  • 5/14: Community Forum on Successful Coalition Building
  • 5/15: SF Family Economic Success Forum
  • 5/21: Black Lives Matter at Work Forum
  • Sign the Petition to Close Corporate Loopholes and Rebuild California
  • New Fix School Discipline Tool Kits
  • In the News

4/30/15 In this issue: 

  • SF May Day March
  • Report Back from SFUSD Accountability Forum
  • 5/15: SF Family Economic Success Forum
  • New Fix School Discipline Tool Kits
  • SF Rising is Hiring
  • In the News

4/22/15 In this issue: 

  • 4/22 Webinar on Institutionalized Racism in Education
  • 4/22 Webinar on Equity and the New Accountability System
  • 4/25 Community Forum on SFUSD Accountability Plan
  • New Fix School Discipline Tool Kits
  • SF Rising is Hiring
  • In the News

4/7/15 In this issue: 

  • 4/14: #BlackLivesMatter SF City Hall Action
  • 4/15: Fight for $15 action in Berkeley
  • DCYF Oversight and Advisory Committee Open Seats.
  • In the News

3/5/15 In this issue: 

• 3/7 SF State Panel on Inside/Outside Policy Reform, including Coleman’s E.D.

• 3/7 SFUSD School Planning Retreat

• 3/8 International Working Women’s Day

• 3/12 SF Sheriff’s Candidate Forum

• 3/16: #Vote16SF Rally

• 3/18 LCFF Road Show

• Coleman Youth Leader Featured in Equal Voice News


2/12/15 In this issue:

All About Love: A special Edition of the Coleman e-newsletter


2/10/15 In this issue:

• 2/11 webinar on school discipline reform

• 2/12 Support the #BlackFriday14

• 2/14 Webinar on Model Code on Education and Dignity

• 2/26 Webinar on School Climate Transformation through LCAP

• 2/27 MoAD dialogue on #BlackLivesMatter, including Coleman’s E.D.

• 3/7 SF State Panel on Inside/Outside Policy Reform, including Coleman’s E.D.


1/26/15 In this issue: 

• Tell Gov to appoint EL Advocate to State BOE

• Congrats to new SF BOE Officers and Committee Members

• Governor’s Proposed 2015-16 Budget

• 1/27: Webinar – LCFF Regs and LCAP Template for District Advocacy in 2015

• 1/28: Webinar – Preventing youth contact with the juvenile justice system


1/16/15 In this issue:

• Celebrate the Renewal of the Children’s Amendent and PEEF

• Mayor announces expansion of Preschool for All

• Monday 1/19: Reclaiming King’s Legacy March

• 1/27: Webinar – LCFF Regs and LCAP Template for District Advocacy in 2015


 1/7/15 In this issue: 

• Join us to Celebrate the Renewal of the Children’s Amendment and PEEF!


12/10/14 In this Issue:

• Quality Education is a Human Right: a Blog Post about Ethnic Studies by Neva Walker


12/8/14 In this Issue:

• Last day to sign the petition to support the expansion of Ethnic Studies


11/25/14 In this Issue: 

•The fight for #JusticeForMikeBrown is not over

• Two major worker’s rights victories in SF

• Student Voice win at state level

• Support expansion of ethnic studies in SFUSD

• Support Walmart Workers this Friday


11/12/14 In this issue:

• Congrats to New Elected Officials

• THURSAY: What’s Next: A Post-election forum

• Tell BOS to support Retail Workers Bill of Rights

• Saturday: Howard Zinn Book Fair

• 11/21 Jobs with Justice Anniversary Event


11/5/14 In this Issue: 

Victories, Losses, and Next Steps (a post-election issue)


10/28/14 In this Issue:

• Help pass Prop C

• SF Rising Voter Mobilization

• Congrats to staff and member on SFUSD Bilingual Community Council

• Thanks to Coleman CMAC Volunteers

• Jobs with Justice Anniversary Event


 10/22/14 Letter from Coleman’s Executive Director: “Why I went to Ferguson” 


10/16/14 In this issue:

• Help pass Prop C

• BOE Candidate Forum

• Anti-bullying youth video contest

• Coleman documentary film

• In the news


10/6/14 In this Issue: 

• Help pass Prop C

• 10/8 BOE Candidate Forum

• 10/14 Young Voters Forum

• 10/15 SFUSD Construction Workforce Pipeline Project Kick-off

• Coleman documentary film

• In the news


9/24/14 In this Issue: 

• SF Rising is Hiring

• Digital Action Hub

• 9/27: SFUSD Family Empowerment Conference

• Help pass Prop C

10/1: Forum on the Housing Crisis and November Elections

• 10/8 BOE Candidate Forum

• 10/14 Young Voters Forum

• Coleman documentary film


9/18/14 In this Issue: 

• Help pass Prop C

• 9/27: SFUSD Family Empowerment Conference

• 10/8 BOE Candidate Forum

• 10/14 Young Voters Forum

• SF Rising is Hiring

• Coleman documentary film


9/2/14 In this issue: 

• Jobs with Justice Forum

• Help pass Prop C

• SFUSD Family Empowerment Conference

• Black Lives Matter Ride

• Coleman documentary film

• Coleman members and staff highlighted in Labor Day edition of Equal Voice News 


 8/19/14 In this issue: 

• New Policies to inform landmark year of change

• On Solidarity with the community of Ferguson

• Friday: March for civil rights against police killings

• 8/28: Free Tech Workshop

• Coleman travels to Texas to share lessons learned

• Intern Spotlight

• In the news


8/5/14 In this issue: 

• Today: Free Tech Workshop

• Friday: LCFF Twitter Chat

• Introducing our new Parent Organizer

• Learn English for the Custodial Industry

7/16/14 In this issue: 

• Children and Families First Initiative approved for ballot 

• Thursday 7/18: D11 People’s Economic Summit

• Friday 7/19: Grace Lee Bogg Documentary

• New LCAP accountability website launched

• Coleman welcomes two new staff members

• Learn English for the Custodial Industry (at Coleman!) 


7/8/14 In this issue:

• Today: Children and Families First Press Conference 

• Thursday: Ed Equity Groups to testify at State BOE re LCFF/LCAP

• 7/18: D11 People’s Economic Summit

• Learn English for the Custodial Industry (at Coleman!) 


6/25/14 in this issue:

• Coleman is hiring! 

• Children’s Funding legislation finalized

• Coleman joines Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Conference 

• Coleman Summer Party a Success!


6/13/14 In this issue:

• Coleman is hiring!

• Saturday 6/21: Coleman Party! 

• Tonight/tomorrow: Summit on Ed Execellence for African Americans

• Amendments to strengthen Children’s Fund and PEEF legislation passed!

• Minimum Wage increase ballot initiative approved! 


6/4/14 In this issue:

• Coleman is hiring!

• Ed Trust West Webinar

• The Future of SF’s Transportation System

• Documenting SF Latino History

• SFUSD and OUSD Restorative Justice Symposium Webinar

• Rally and Hearing on Children’s Amendment and PEEF

• Coleman Film Premier

• Coleman Summer Party and Youth Arts Showcase


5/21/14 In this issue:

• Coleman is hiring!

• LCAP Next Steps

• Coleman Film Premier

• Coleman Summer Party and Youth Arts Showcase

• In the News


5/7/14 In this issue:

• 5/9 Children’s Funding Community Coalition Meeting

• 5/9: 2014 Family Economic Sucess Forum

• 5/13: Brown v. Board of Ed 60th Anniversary Event

• 5/16: PMAC Dance-a-thon Fundraiser

• School Climate LCAP Template

• SF Rising is Hiring

• In the News



4/23/14 In this Issue:

• Thursday 4/24 SF Jobs Convening

•  Friday 4/25 CCSF “Day On”

•  4/29 Childrens’s Fund Legislation Introduced at Board of Supes

•  5/1: Community Forum on School Priorities

•  5/7 Youth Town Hall on Affordable Housing

•  Two Ed Equity Webinars: 4/29 and 5/7

•  In the News


4/9/14 In this issue:

• 4/10 Displacement Activism Forum

• 4/11 Children’s Funding Community Coalition Meeting

• 4/17 Preschool for All Townhall meeting

• 4/24 SF Jobs Convening 

• Ed Trust West District report cards

• In the News


4/1/14 In this issue:

• Twitter Elevators and Google BART Express Lines

• President Obama calls Superintendent Carranza best looking

• Efficiency Capsules Next Big Trend

• Raise to Executive Minimum Wage


3/27/14 In this issue:

• Coleman joins national rally for school discipline reform in D.C.

• U.S. Dept of Ed releases national school disicpline data 

• New report on gentrification in the Bay Area

• New Toolkit on Restorative Practices

Progress and next steps in passage of a landmark new MOU between SFUSD and SFPD

Last night was an important milestone in a multi-year, community-driven effort to transform the relationship between police and the San Francisco school community. Responding to concern from students, parents and community members that unnecessary police involvement pushes students into the juvenile justice system and out of school each year, SFUSD and SFPD signed an agreement designed to dramatically reduce police presence on campus and prevent unnecessary student referrals to the juvenile justice system. The new MOU was unanimously passed by the Board of Education last night, with some very important amendments. The BOE amendments further strengthen the MOU and also restore a key provision that was removed by the SF Police Department legal counsel only a few hours before the Board’s vote, without any input from community or the District.  We are hopeful that the SFPD Chief will quickly sign the MOU with the Board Amendments requested last night that would ensure that:

1. the graduated response system (a model that has resulted in dramatic reductions in school-based juvenile arrests in other districts where it has been implemented) is REQUIRED and followed and NOT optional,

2. SROs and other police interacting with students receive and participate in one free training from the District in restorative justice/practices each year,

3. the parents truly have reasonable time to get to the school and be present if their child is being questioned by police, and

4. the provision regarding arrests on campus is strong and clear that such arrests should only occur as a very last resort and only if absolutely necessary to avoid disruption of instruction at school and protect student privacy

 Coleman Advocates, Public Counsel, the San Francisco Youth Commission, HOMEY, United Playaz, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, and CHALK worked hard to ensure that the MOU development was truly informed by the experiences and perspectives of affected youth.

 We are in the final stretch of this groundbreaking endeavor and we are thrilled that the Board has approved the MOU and that they are insisting on these final changes so that the document has the necessary teeth to ensure that student’s and parent’s rights and dignity are respected, that evidence-based strategies are fully and consistently utilized, and that our efforts result in a meaningful reduction in student arrests and police presence on campus.

We are counting on this MOU to put the responsibility for student behavior back where it belongs, with educators, students and parents, not with police!

Some additional information about the problem the MOU seeks to address: 

The American Psychological Association, the Council of State of Governments, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention have all found that extreme discipline, including arrests, predicts grade retention, school dropout, and future involvement in the juvenile and criminal justice systems.[i]

Research shows that a first-time arrest doubles the chances that a student will drop out of high school, and a first-time court appearance quadruples those chances.[i] According to records obtained in a public records request filed by Coleman Advocates and Public Counsel, more than 460 students were arrested on campus between 2010 and 2013, the vast majority for low-level and nonviolent offenses. In many cases, the police were called but a formal arrest was not made.

The data also exposes a troubling racial gap in arrests. African American young people were 39% of all students arrested on campus in the past three years, even though they are just 8% of San Francisco students. African American young people were 43% of all juvenile arrests by SFPD in the past three years.

SFPD records show arrested students as young as ages 8-12, with arrests spiking at age 13. Since 2010, 60 students ages 12 or younger have been arrested at school.

San Francisco police officers are also called in to address school discipline matters that do not involve threats to students or school staff or criminal behavior. Police have been called to intervene in discipline for SFUSD elementary school students as young as 5 years old.

The primary changes in the new MOU:

The MOU between the San Francisco Police Department and San Francisco Unified School District allows schools to request police involvement on campus to protect students and staff, to address criminal behavior by non-students, or where required by law. But it puts a strict limit on police involvement in student discipline that can and should be handled at school.

The agreement also:

  • helps protect the privacy and dignity of students who are interviewed by school police as witnesses, victims, or potential offenders;
  • ensures that parents are contacted and can be present if a police officer is interviewing a student;
  • directs school administrators to handle all discipline-related problems at the school-site;
  • reiterates that disciplining students is a school, not police, responsibility;
  • sets up a system of graduated responses for police, starting with a warning, for low-level offenses, so that those can be handled with prevention and intervention and not a trip to juvenile court or jail; and
  • develops an oversight process for students and parents to provide feedback and address issues related to conduct of any school police or security on campus to ensure positive engagement.

The agreement also helps ensure regular communication with the community about what is happening with police on campuses through quarterly reports from SFPD and SFUSD to the school board that include demographic data about students involved with police on campus, the number of times SFPD officers were called to schools and arrests made, efforts to use alternatives such as a referral to mental health, wellness centers, and other resource facilities, instead of arrest or citation and efforts to reduce racially disproportionate contact with police and the juvenile justice system and reduce the rate of school-based arrests and citations while maintaining a safe school climate.

When approved, the agreement will help keep more students out of the school-to-prison pipeline and stand as a model for how schools and police departments can work together to improve school climate while reducing student arrests, police contact and citations.

Media coverage about the MOU: 

San Francisco takes lead in defining role of school police, sets limits on interrogations and arrests (Center for Public Integrity)

SFUSD considers restricting police role on school campuses (Ed Source)

SFUSD to consider agreement with police to limit arrests in disciplinary cases (SF Examiner)

SFUSD students may get new police protections (Bay Guardian)

For more information about next steps in this important effort, contact Kevine Boggess at kboggess@colemanadvocates.org.

Sunday 1/12 is the final day to fill out the PEEF Survey!

We need your input about how to strengthen the Public Education and Enrichment Fund!

Coleman Advocates has been convening the Children’s Fund Community Coalition for a year and a half now, to support community support for two critical ballot measures for kids that need to be reauthorized by the voters: the Public Education and Enrichment Fund (PEEF) and the Children’s Amendment.  A couple weeks ago we shared with you our new survey soliciting input about PEEF. Sunday is the final day to fill out the survey before we start analyzing all the results to inform our recommendations. We want to hear from YOU about how to strengthen PEEF!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

Landmark Federal School Discipline Guidance Released

On January 8th, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Attorney General Eric Holder released landmark Federal School Discipline Guidance detailing school districts’ civil rights obligations when it comes to school discipline. The Guidance provides legal direction for schools to address racial discrimination and tools to implement positive approaches that reduce suspensions, expulsions, and referrals to law enforcement and improve safety.

“A routine school disciplinary infraction should land a student in the principal’s office, not in a police precinct,” Holder said.
“We need to keep students in class where they can learn,” Duncan said. “These resources are a step in the right direction.”

The Guidance reaffirms Coleman’s youth and parent-led efforts to expand evidence-based, positive alternatives to ineffective and racially biased school removal practices in SFUSD. Many aspects of the federal guidelines mirror the strategies and objectives of the recently introduced Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution, co-developed by Coleman Advocates and Board of Ed Commissioner Matt Haney.

Some highlights from the Federal Guidance: 

• School communities need to be involved in changing school district policies and state laws.

• School districts and states need to make data about school discipline available to parents and community members.

• Schools should promote research-based alternatives to harsh discipline.

Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon said the guidance will help “make sure children are respected in school and their learning opportunities are protected.” She added that “schools need to engage the whole school community, including parents” to change school discipline practices. Lhamon also said that eliminating suspensions for willful defiance and other subjectively defined offenses could be a strong step to reducing discrimination.

The Federal Guidelines also include recommendations that reflect Coleman’s multi-year, collaborative efforts to move forward major revisions to the MOU between SFPD and SFUSD. The new MOU, which we expect to be officially approved in the next month, is designed to prevent unnecessary student referrals to the juvenile justice system and reduce police presence in schools. The Federal Guidelines include the following recommendations affirming the terms and intent of the new MOU:

• School officials, not school resource officers and school police officers, on campus should be the first responders on school discipline.

• School districts need to have clear rules about the duties of police and school resource officers.

The Department of Education also released a review of state laws and resources for school districts, parents, and community members working to change school discipline policies and state and local laws.

Click here to read the guidance letter and download resources for parents and school communities. 

Click here to check out the New York Times coverage about the Federal Guidance

These groundbreaking guidelines send a strong and crucial message that ending discriminatory school discipline practices should be a top education equity priority for cities, states, and the entire nation.  Positive school discipline practices must be central, integrated components of any and all systems change efforts aimed at closing the achievement gap and providing equal access to quality educational experiences for all students.

With the passage of the Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution, SFUSD has the opportunity to join the cutting edge of this national movement to abandon harsh school removal practices for proven, research-based alternatives that make schools safer, improve student achievement, increase graduation rates, and create a more positive school climate for teachers and students.

If you haven’t already, click here to sign on TODAY to support the Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution!

SF Chron Op Ed by Coleman and BOE Commissioner Haney!

The SF Chronicle published an opinion piece co-authored by Board of Ed Commissioner Matt Haney and Coleman Executive Director Neva Walker that makes a powerful case for the urgent need to expand positive alternatives to punitive school discipline practices in SFUSD: 

Check it out here!



A brief snapshot of key Coleman accomplishments in 2013

  • We launched the “Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign” to transform the school district’s approach to school discipline and create a more positive school environment for students and teachers. We held multiple community engagement meetings, facilitated dozens of educational workshops, and recruited more than 30 organizational endorsements and hundreds of individual supporters for the campaign. Earlier this month, we partnered with Board of Ed Commissioner Matt Haney to develop the “Safe and Supportive Schools” resolution which speaks to the community demands to address disproportionate suspensions for African American students and other students of color, and pushes for implementation of restorative practices and positive behavior interventions and supports, among other issues.
  • As a result of Coleman’s efforts, SFUSD agreed to fund several of our member-identified budget priorities from new sources of funding created by Proposition H (the Public Education Enrichment Fund . In addition to a $2.4M credit recovery set aside we aggressively advocated for over many months, the Board of Ed voted to approve $911,000 for Restorative Practices; $817,000 for Family Support/Translation and Interpretation Services; and $5,295,867 for Learning Supports and Wellness Services.
  • Coleman Advocates provided leadership on a special taskforce charged with revising the MOU between SFUSD and SFPD and Juvenile Probation. Responding to widespread concern from parents and community members that too many San Francisco students were being pushed into the juvenile justice system each year, we worked closely with SFUSD and SFPD, along with Public Counsel, HOMEY, United Playaz, and Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, over a period of two year, to develop new guidelines and protocols that will transform the relationship between police and the school community, help keep more students out of the school-to-prison pipeline,  and operate as a model for how schools and police departments can work together to improve school environments  and reduce student arrests.
  • We helped to lead a successful campaign to win a Local Hiring Policy for SFUSD. We participated in many planning meetings with the sponsoring officials, member meetings, and actions at the Board of Supervisors. The SFUSD policy will help guarantee the hiring of local San Francisco residents and contractors for SFUSD’s $531 million construction bond so this is a major win for labor and community.
  • We won our campaign to expand the Mayor’s Summer Jobs for Youth Initiative to include funding specifically earmarked for jobs and paid internship opportunities for undocumented youth
  • We participated in collaborative efforts to win Local Control Funding Formula legislation at the state level.  LCFF dramatically reforms the way we fund school districts in California by shifting the state’s formerly inequitable and irrational way of funding schools to a simpler “need-based” education funding formula that provides additional funding to support the greater needs of low-income students. English learners and foster youth.

Community Shows support of Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution

Tuesday evening marked the introduction of the landmark SFUSD “Safe and Supportive Schools” resolution, an important step in Coleman’s Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign.  Authored by Board of Education Commissioner Matt Haney, the Resolution speaks to the community demands to address disproportionate suspensions for African American students and other students of color, and pushes for implementation of restorative practices and positive behavior interventions and supports, among other issues.Over 75 students, parents, teachers and community members joined together for a rally in front of the SF Unified School District, with banners, illuminated signs proclaiming “Solutions Not Suspensions!” and youth and parents leading powerful chants.  Speakers included youth and parent members of Coleman Advocates, as well as young people from CHALK, HOMEY, Brothers Making Change, and Sunset Youth Services, sharing their experiences with school discipline and their passion for finding more positive solutions to resolve problems in our schools.  Additional speakers included two teachers sharing their positive experiences with restorative justice, Commissioner Haney, and Rachel Norton, President of the Board of Education. 

Energized from the rally outside, our crowd headed inside for the Board of Education meeting at 6pm to make sure Board members saw how many people were there in support of the Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution.  A meeting with a packed agenda, the resolution wasn’t introduced until after 9pm, but our “die-hard” crew of 15 youth, parents, educators and community members waited patiently, to speak in support of the resolution and community demands!  We want to also give thanks to the United Educators of San Francisco, who spoke in support of ending willful defiance suspensions in San Francisco Unified School District—we appreciate your support!

Lastly, thank you to all of the individuals and organizations who came out Tuesday night to support!  Special shout-outs to: CHALK, HOMEY, Mission Graduates, Youth Commission, LYRIC, Youth Leadership Institute, Public Counsel, TAY-SF, Sunset Youth Services, Brothers Making Change, Gray Panthers, Jobs With Justice, POWER, Solidarity Organizing Project, Young Community Developers, and Legal Services for Children, for showing up and making noise!  These groups are part of the more than 30 community organizations that have endorsed the Solutions Not Suspensions campaign.

Also during the meeting, the Board of Education unanimously voted to sell two vacant SFUSD properties to the Mayor’s Office of Housing to be used for affordable housing.  This is a huge win for San Francisco families who are struggling to make ends meet in San Francisco and every day fighting the threat of displacement.  THANK YOU to the Board of Education and to Commissioners Sandy Fewer and Hydra Mendoza for your leadership on this issue.  Also thanks to Supervisors Jane Kim and John Avalos who attended the meeting and spoke in support of this issue and wore stickers in support of the Safe and Supportive Schools resolution.

We are excited about next steps in the campaign and will be in touch with details as the resolution goes to a committee for a hearing in January.  In the meantime if you have any questions, please contact us:

Chelsea Boilard at cboilard@colemanadvocates.org or

Kevine Boggess at kboggess@colemanadvocates.org.

Read more coverage about the Resolution and Coleman’s Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign:

Center for Public Integrity: Data shows San Francisco’s black students suspended at extremely high rates

SF Examiner: SFUSD board to take up proposal to leave suspensions as last resort 

SF Bay Guardian: Suspending Judgment

Univision14 News Clip about the Wednesday Rally




Solutions Not Suspensions Organizational Endorsements

Over 30 organizations have signed on to endorse the Solutions Not Suspensions campaign!

Endorsing Organizations:  

  1. Bayview Magic
  2. Brothers Making Change/100% College Prep
  4. Center for Juvenile and Criminal Justice
  5. Center for Young Women’s Development
  6. CHALK
  7. Chinese Progressive Association
  8. Filipino Community Center
  9. Gay-Straight Alliance Network
  10. Gray Panthers of SF
  11. HOMEY
  12. Huckleberry Youth Programs
  13. Instituto Familiar de la Raza, Inc.
  14. Larkin Street Youth Services
  15. Legal Services for Children
  16.  LYRIC
  17. Mission Graduates
  18. Mission Neighborhood Centers, Inc.
  19. Parkmerced Action Coalition
  20. Performing Arts Workshop
  21. POWER
  22. PODER
  23. Public Counsel
  24. Richmond District Neighborhood Center
  25. San Francisco Rising Alliance
  26. Senior and Disability Action
  27. Solidarity Organizing Project
  28. Sunset District Neighborhood Coalition
  29. Sunset Youth Services
  30. Support for Families
  31. Transitional Age Youth San Francisco (TAYSF)
  32. Teach for America- San Francisco
  33. United Playaz
  34. Young Community Developers
  35. Youth Commission
  36.  Youth Leadership Institute

Will your organization join the growing numbers of groups that have endorsed this campaign?  Contact Chelsea at cboilard@colemanadvocates.org to add your organization to our endorsement list!

Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution Overview

 The “Safe and Supportive Schools” Resolution includes the following elements:

  • Fully implement Restorative Practices (RP) and School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) at All Schools
  • Develop Tiers of Intervention and Alternatives to School Suspension
  • Ensure Regular and Accurate Data Reporting on Disciplinary Measures and Interventions
  • Reduce Suspensions and Racial Disproportionality in School Balanced Scorecards
  • Prioritize Alternatives to Suspensions for Disruption/Willful Defiance
  • Address the Disproportionate Referral, Suspension and Loss of Instructional Time for African American Students
  • Allow for Suspension Appeals
  • Create Clear Policy for Use of “Permitted Dismissals” and End Undocumented Suspensions
  • Ensure Implementation and Reporting

The Safe and Supportive Schools Policy commits the district to full Implementation of Restorative Practices (RP) and School-Wide Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (SWPBIS) at all schools. It calls for an implementation plan for the roll-out of RP and SWPBIS at all schools over the next three years, which will mean investing more time and money into these approaches in order to equip all staff with the necessary training and support.

According to the policy, suspensions,  including supervised suspension at school, may only be utilized as the appropriate intervention in the most extreme circumstances when the appropriate identified interventions in the behavioral discipline matrix have been exhausted and documented. Beginning in the fall of 2014, the District policy will be updated to provide that no student shall receive a suspension or recommendation for expulsion/be expelled solely on the basis of “disruption/willful defiance.” Schools must provide alternatives to suspension for “willful defiance” and ensure that proactive and evidence-based alternative interventions are in place.

The policy calls for resources for teachers including professional development (PD) for Restorative Practices, working with students impacted by trauma, de-escalation techniques, cultural competency, relationship building, communication skills and working with students with special needs, and prioritizing schools with the highest behavioral needs.

The resolution requires the Superintendent to create a plan to implement changes within 120 days and give progress reports to the Board of Education.

12/10 Introduction of the “Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution” at the SF Board of Education Meeting.

When and Where: December 10th

  • 4:30pm: Community Rally on the steps of 555 Franklin Street (the district office)
  • 6:00pm: Board of Education meeting where the resolution will be introduced

 We believe there is a lot of support for changing school discipline policies in SFUSD – but the truth is, genuine system change is incredibly difficult.  It is important that we show strong community support for this resolution and this campaign to make sure that not only does this policy pass, but also that it is implemented intentionally and effectively!

The resolution will be introduced at the Board of Education meeting but the board will not be discussing or voting on the policy.  There will not be public comment on that particular item but there is the possibility of speaking during general public comment.  Once the resolution is introduced, it will go to committee in January – so there will be plenty of upcoming opportunities to be involved in and support the campaign!

 So, if you haven’t yet… join us in our campaign for Solutions Not Suspensions! 

Contact Chelsea Boilard or Kevine Boggess for more info.

12/6: Webinar on school discipline reform efforts co-led by Coleman, CADRE, and Public Counsel.

WHAT: Free webinar focused on community action to fix school discipline.

WHEN: Friday, December 6, 10:30-12pm (Pacific Time)

WHO: Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Students, Community Organizations and Advocates are all invited.

Are you interested in fixing school discipline at a school or district in your community?  Do you want to know more about how successful campaigns to improve schools?

Join Rob McGowan, Associate Director of Organizing at Community Asset Development Re-defining Education (CADRE), Kevine Boggess, Director of Civic Engagement at Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth (CACY) and Sarah Omojola, Statewide Education Advocate at Public Counsel on December 6, 2013, 10:30am-12pm for a free webinar  on Launching and Sustaining Successful School Campaigns.

Room is limited, so reserve your seat today. Click here to sign up now!

  After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the training.

Mobilize: Launching and Sustaining Successful School Campaigns will discuss how both CADRE and CACY successfully launched campaigns in Los Angeles and San Francisco and what policies were won, as well as detail the challenges and lessons learned from their work and how legal partners, like Public Counsel, can support and assist with bringing about policy changes.

CADRE is a base building group working with low-income parents of color in South Central Los Angeles. CACY is a member-led, multi-generational, multi-racial community organization working to empower children and families in San Francisco.

12/2: SF Education Law Clinic on Special Ed Referral and Assessment

When: Monday December 2nd, 12 to 1:30pm

Where: SF Human Rights Commission office @ 25 Van Ness Ave.

If you are a parent or student in San Francisco, you can get free legal advice related to special education referral and assessment. Legal Advice is provided by the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights. Workshops are co-sponsored by Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth, Mo’ MAGIC, SF Human Rights Commission, and the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office.  

*Please bring all documents that may help us evaluate your case  

Questions? Contact Cecilia Chen at LCCR: (415) 543-9444 x208 or education@lccr.com 

Wed. 11/27: We are CCSF “DAY ON!” Work Day #3!

When: Wednesday, November 27th, 9:30am to 1:30pm (sign-in begins at 9am)

Where: Meet in front of the Bookstore Parking Lot A – Ocean Campus

We invite you to participate in the next DAY ON! sponsored by We Are CCSF (Community, Classified, Students and Faculty) on Wednesday November 27th.  WE ARE CCSF welcomes everyone who wants to REPAIR REBUILD RESTORE our college by focusing on positive solutions. We are coming together to take concrete steps to address $1 billion in deferred maintenance at CCSF.

The first DAY ON! on October 11th was a great success with over 75 people who inventoried technology, pulled weeds and cleaned up trash. We did a “month’s worth of work in a day” according to our buildings manager, and we helped staff finish an important accreditation step (prepping for a much-needed update to our tech equipment). The 2nd day on was an even bigger success with over 100 participants and media coverage by ABC 7, KRON 4, KTVU 2, KTSF 26KPFA, The Guardsman, and Sing Tao Daily.

Please join WE ARE CCSF, student athletes (we are expecting over 100 athletes!), and representatives from the Mayor’s Office next Wednesday as we roll up our sleeves and get to work:

• Weed Pulling   • Window Washing  • Pruning & Raking   • Recycling & Composting  • Litter Cleanup  • Landscaping & Planting

Click here to download a flyer for next Wednesday’s Day On!

For more details about our 11/27 “DAY ON”, visit: fb.com/weareccsf or email weareccsf@gmail.com

Join us as we do something positive for our college. And please help spread the word! Thank you!

Online Survey: We need YOUR input to strengthen the Children’s Amendment!

The Children’s Amendment was passed for the first time in 1991 by the voters of San Francisco, creating a landmark set-aside fund for children, youth and their families in the city! It was reauthorized by SF voters in 2000, and currently sets aside approximately 3% of the city’s property taxes in the “Children’s Fund” (currently totaling around $50 million, housed within the Department of Children, Youth and their Families), as well as creating a “baseline” of funding across all city departments.

The Children’s Funding Community Coalition has been meeting since summer 2012, and has engaged over 100 community groups in discussions about how to strengthen the Children’s Amendment, this incredible resource for the city’s children, youth and families.

In order to finalize our recommendations about how to improve the Children’s Amendment, we’d like your input. Please take a few minutes to fill out this survey! Our deadline is Tuesday, November 19th, at 5pm. Thank you!

Click Here to Take the Survey!

Five Ways You or Your Organization can Support the Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign!

1. Show your support for Solutions Not Suspensions and for the youth and parent leaders on the front-lines of this effort by clicking here. It takes just seconds for you to sign on to our campaign so that we can show SFUSD and the School Board that the San Francisco community demands Safe and Supportive Schools for All! 

2. Have a couple more minutes to spare to help build better schools in San Francisco? Spread the word to everyone you know by linking to our online campaign endorsement page via facebook, twitter, and through your organizational e-newsletter. Thank you!

And a few more opportunities to show your support and help create safer, more supportive schools in San Francisco: 

Contact Chelsea at cboilard@colemanadvocates.org to:

3. Endorse our campaign as an organization  (So far we have 25 organizations endorsing!) 

4. collect hard copy supporter card endorsements (we will drop the cards off to you and pick them up when signed)

And then:

5. Come out and bring your friends and colleagues to show mass support, when the policy is formally introduced on December 10th! 

  • 4:30pm: Community Rally on the steps of 555 Franklin Street (the district office)
  • 6:00pm: Board of Education meeting where the resolution will be introduced

10-30-13 E-Newsletter

In This Issue: 

• Sign on to the Solutions Not Suspensions Campaign!

• Solutions Not Suspension Campaign Kicks off with Inspiring Community Meeting

• Come out and support CCSF Saturday November 2nd!

10-15-13 E-Newsletter

In This Issue:

• 10/29 Coleman Community Mtg on School Climate and School Discipline

• Coleman student leader helps launch new alliance at CCSF

• 10/22: Children’s Fund Community Coalition Town Hall

10-8-13 E-Newsletter

In this issue: 

• Public Hearing on Nonprofit Rent & Displacement

• Children’s Fund Community Coalition Town Hall

• Coleman’s Solutions Not Suspensions Photo Series

• Immigrant Rights Due Process Ordinance Passes in SF!

• Workers Convening Highlights Barriers to Employment                                                                                                  

9-26-13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

• This Saturday: SFUSD Family Engagement Institute!

• Tuesday: Superintendent to introduce amended A-G policy change proposal

• This Sunday: ‘Sunday Streets’ in the Excelsior

9-20-13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

• Student-Led #FixTheCollege Campaign

• Children’s Fund Coalition Meeting

9/13/13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Convening of Workers to give input to HUD Prosperity Plan 9/21
  • Children’s Fund Coalition Meeting 9/24

8/22/13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

  • YMAC Leader Profile
  • PMAC Leader Profile
  • SMAC Leader Profile
  • Meet Coleman’s Newest Staff
  • Tomorrow: Children’s Fund Coalition

8/13/13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

• 8/14 School Discipline Day of Action in Sacramento

• Coleman goes to L.A. for Learning Exchange

• Transfer Reform Bill makes Progress!

• Children’s Fund Community Coalition Meeting 8/23



8/22/13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

• Profiles of Coleman’s inspiring student and parent leaders

• Meet Coleman’s Newest staff members!

• Friday 8/23 Children’s Fund Community Coalition Meeting

8/13/13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

• 8/14 School Discipline Day of Action in Sacramento

• Coleman goes to L.A. for Learning Exchange

• Transfer Reform Bill makes Progress!

• Children’s Fund Community Coalition Meeting 8/23

8/1/13 E-Newsletter

In this issue:

• SFUSD Budget Update

• City Budget Update

• Justice for Trayvon Martin and the Dream Defenders

• Coleman builds education justice bridges and movements in Chicago



7/2/13 E-Newsletter

In this Issue:

Governor Signs Local Control Funding Formula into Law! 

6-25-13 E-newsletter

In this Issue:

• Board of Ed Resolutions on Immigration Reform and A-G

• Superintendent Proposal re Continuation Schools and Grad Requirement

• Coleman Youth Leader wins Economic Justice Award


6-19-13 E-newsletter

In this issue:

• 6/20, 6/21, 6/27, 6/28: Opportunities to weigh in on the city budget process

• 6/29: Children’s Fund Community Coalition Meeting


6-13-13 E-newsletter

In this issue:

• Local Hire for SFUSD Passes!

• Condo Conversion Legislation Passes with Ammendments

• Coleman Staff Testify at Hearing in Capitol

• Ballot Measure Proposed for Flexible Work Schedules for Parents

6-11-13 E-newsletter

In this issue:

Now is the Time to Recommit to “College and Career for All” SFUSD students. 

6-7-13 E-newsletter

In this Issue:

A City Budget Update

5-28-13 E-Alert

In this issue:

• Thanks to everyone who helped make our Gala a success!

• Join us June 4th to let SFUSD know you support local hire for the district.

• SF Summer Jobs Program Will Include Opportunities for Undocumented Youth

• Coleman joins CQE partners in Sacramento to push for LCFF

• Coleman helps launch a Bay Area Chapter of Dignity in Schools Campaign

4-30-13 E-Alert

In this issue:
• A Call for the Mayor to Invest in Summer Jobs for Undocument Youth

• WEDNESDAY: March with us for Immigrant and Worker Rights!

• Coleman Families’ Principles for Immigration Reform

• FRIDAY: Children’s Fund Community Planning Conference

• SATURDAY: Silent Auction at Cleveland Elementary


4-25-13 E-newsletter

In this issue:

• Community/Labor Ed Town Hall

• Youth Organizing Study Results Presented 4/30

• May Day March and Rally 5/1

• SFUSD Budget Forums 5/2 and 5/16

• Children’s Fund Community Planning Conference 5/3

E-Alert 4-18-13

In this issue:

  • Progress for CA School Discipline Reform Bill AB420
  • SFUSD first district to officially support AB420
  • Coleman Successfully Advocates for Landmark Reforms to Prevent SFUSD Referrals to SFPD
  • Coleman Supports Development of New SF Juvenile Justice Diversion Program

4-12-13 e-alert

In this issue:

• BOE Approves 3.3M for Credit Recovery and Restorative Practices

• New SFUSD Student Outcomes Data Released



4-5-13 E-newsletter


• Ed Justice Alliance Mtg 4/9

• Ed Trust West Releases District Report Cards

• Cleveland Parents Win New Literacy Program

• Day of Action for Immigration Reform 4/10

• Sports Basement Fundraiser 4/13

• Children’s Fund Community Planning 5/3

3/14/13 E-newsletter


• City Budget Briefing TONIGHT 3/14

• Summer Jobs for Youth Community Convening 3/19

• SF Education Law Clinic 3/19

• Jeff Chang Presentation 3/20

• Children’s Fund/PEEF Community Coalition Meeting 3/22

• Community/Labor Conversation on SFUSD Achievement

3/7/13 E-Newsletter


• Education Budget Briefing Wednesday 3/13

• City Budget Briefing Thursday 3/14

• SF Education Law Clinic Tuesday 3/19

• Children’s Fund/PEEF Community Coalition Meeting Friday 3/22

• Congrats to Carmen Chu and Katy Tang

• CPB’s Annual CA Budget Overview

2-27-13 E-alert


• SFUSD Ed Budget Briefing Wed 3/13
• City Budget Briefing 3/14
• Ed Trust-West Policy Agenda
• Coleman Builds with Youth Organizers in South Africa!

2/21/13 e-alert

In this issue:
• Ed Justice Ally Mtg Mon 2/25
• SFUSD Ed Budget Briefing Wed 3/13
• SMAC Demands for Sustaining CCSF

1-23-13 e-alert


$1.4M for student supports and a growing community demand to close the achievement gap

Ed Justice Ally Meeting next Tuesday 1/29

1-10-13 E-Alert

In this issue:

Sustaining City College — A Vision for Equity and Justice
A Statement on City College by Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth



1-9-13 e-alert

In this issue:

• Final Vote for $2.2M Supplemental for Credit Recovery

• Coleman Welcomes New Education Justice Policy Associate!

• Congrats to our Newly Sworn-In Electeds!

12-5-12 E-alert


• $2.2M Win for SFUSD Credit Recovery!

• CCSF Placement Test Reform Implementation Update

11-30-12 E-alert

In this issue:

Outreach Sessions for Students and Families.

10-9-12 e-alert

In this issue:

Board of Ed Candidates Forum Announcement


9-24-12 E-Alert

In this issue:

  • Thursday Hearing on A-G: City Hall 3:30pm
  • What the numbers tell us
  • Join Us. Make your Voice Heard

9-26-12 E-Alert

In this issue:

• This Thursday: Board of Supes Hearing on Plight of SFUSD Af Am students

• 10/10: Grassroots Board of Ed Candidates Forum

• 10/16: Urgent Update on A-G Implementation

8-23-12 E-Alert

In this issue:

A special ‘Back to School’ edition featuring inspiring profiles of three Coleman leaders: Ari, Ellie and Elsa!


E-Alert 8-1-12


  • Agreement Reached on Biz Tax Consensus Measure.
  • Youth Groups Rally SFMTA To Release Upper Yard
  • Equal Voice National Family Platform Ratified
  • Coleman Welcomes New Excelsior Parent Organizer

E-Alert 7-18-12

Inside this issue:

  • Take Action to Support a Progressive Business Tax!
  • Links to the Supe’s Business Tax Measure + Factsheet
  • Some Context: The “Filthy 52″
  • Thurs 7/26: Demand Affordable Housing for Families!

E-Alert 7-10-12

Exciting opportunity for LGBTQ Young Women of Color!

Please spread the word!

Turn Up the BASE is a 3 day, 2 night beachside social justice retreat  for young womyn, transgender, and gender queer youth of color 14-18.   Friday August 3-5. Workshops, games, activities, leadership, prizes, scholarships, and activism! Space is limited. Apply today!   For more info and to get an application, visit www.facebook.com/ turnupthebase  or email turnupthebaseconference @gmail.com

Turn Up the BASE is a fiscally sponsored project of Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

E-Alert 6/29/12

Inside this issue:

  • Community Priorities Reflected in City Budget!
  • $500K Win for Credit Recovery!
  • Credit Recovery and Coleman’s Ed Justice Campaign
  • Why is Credit Recovery Needed?
  • The 7-period School Day
  • Supporting SFUSD to Make the Most of Limited Funds

Wednesday 5/16: Tell SFUSD to Invest in Our Success!

Join Us Wednesday 5/16 at 4pm to Demand Quality Schools for All!

WHEN: Wednesday May 16, 2012
4pm: Rally begins!
5pm: Youth-led “We’re Fed Up!” Picketline
6pm: Parent-led Vigil to Mourn Budget Cuts

WHERE: The SFUSD Steps: 555 Franklin St. between McAllister and Fulton

For more info:

E-Alert April 27th

SMAC Wins Historic Shift in Placement Options for Students at City College!

E-Alert April 13th

Inside this issue:

  • Mayor Launches Youth Jobs Program
  • Come out to PMAC Silent Auction on April 28th.

March 29th E-Alert

In This Issue:

  • Hundreds Come out for Rally and Action
  • Donate to PMAC Silent Auction!
  • Coleman Welcomes our New Bayview Parent Organizer

E-Alert March 22, 2012

Inside this issue

  • City Hall Jobs Action Wednesday 3/28
  • City College Student Leaders Fight to Close the Achievement Gap
  • Coleman Parent Leader Honored by Board of Supes
  • Call for Community Engagement in Deputy Superintendent Hire
  • Sign Coleman Campaign Supporter Card

E-Alert March 13, 2012

Inside This Issue:

  • Coleman’s Education and Jobs Campaign
  • Sign Coleman’s Supporter Card!
  • March 28th City Hall Jobs Action
  • Wednesday Welcoming Event for our New E.D.!

E-Alert March 2, 2012

Inside This Issue:

  • A Historic Vote for Low-Performing Southeast Schools
  • Public Education: Divestment, Layoffs, and Historic Inequity
  • Standing Up for Equity

E-Alert February 16, 2012

Inside This Issue:

  • Mayor Lee Attends “Home is Where the Heart Is” Event
  • Welcome New YMAC Staff, Karn Saetang!
  • Coleman Has a New Website!

E-Alert January 11, 2012

Inside This Issue:

  • The Governor’s Proposed Budget Includes Deep Cuts
  • Taxes and Schools
  • Jan. 12th City Budget Briefing
  • Jan. 19th SFUSD Budget Briefing

E-Alert December 9, 2011

Inside This Issue:

  • What’s Going On with the California Budget?
  • The City & School Budget Picture
  • Taxing the 1%!
  • Attend Our January Budget Briefings

E-Alert November 2011

Inside This Issue

  • Invest in Coleman’s Youth & Parent Leadership Development!

E-Alert November 2011

Inside this Issue:

  • Coleman Stands with the 99%
  • Sign Petition on OccupySF

E-Alert October 2011

Inside this Issue:

  • Our Fight for Student Success under the new Graduation Requirement
  • Summer School 2011: Too Little, Too Late
  • No More Broken Promises

E-Alert August 2011

Inside this Issue:

  • Coleman Welcomes Our New Executive Director Neva Walker

E-Alert June 2011

Inside this Issue:

  • Urgent Alert re: SFUSD Budget Cuts!
  • Join us to Demand a Transparent & Equitable SFUSD Budget!

E-Alert May 2011 #1

Inside this Issue:

  • The Doors of Opportunity to Re-Open this Summer!

E-Alert April 2011 #2

Inside this Issue:

  • Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the SF Children’s Fund!

E-Alert April 2011 #3

Inside this Issue:

  • Protect the SF Children’s Fund!

E-Alert April 2011 #1

Inside this Issue:

  • San Francisco’s Five Wealthiest Residents Solve Budget Crisis
  • More of the famous April Fool’s Alert!

E-Alert December 7, 2010

Inside this Issue:

  • Remembering Mauricio Vela
  • Election Round Up
  • Who Wants to Be a…Mayor???

E-Alert December 2010

Inside this Issue:

  • Happy New Years!

E-Alert December 2010 #2

Inside this Issue:

  • Donate & Join Our Citywide Network!