Anthony Dade continued

Anthony Dade continued:

Anthony has direct experience being unfairly targeted for school discipline, including a lengthy suspension that caused him to fall behind in middle school. He brings direct experience and a passion for change to our work to transform the SF School district’s approach to school discipline. He has shared his personal story on panels and other events educating the community about these issues.

Anthony applied and was hired as a stipended youth intern at Coleman last summer and played a lead role in designing, winning a small grant for, and organizing a major cultural and community building event at the Coleman community center. He also co M.Ced the event with another youth member. Anthony also helped to design and paint a mural covering the massive walls in Coleman’s community center. In November of last year, Anthony took a lead on organizing a group of YMAC members and staff to take public transportation and a ferry well before dawn on Thanksgiving day to travel to Alcatraz Island to participate in the annual commemoration of the 1969-71 occupation of Alcatraz by Native Americans. Staff shared with me how he was clearly moved by the ceremony and the history he was learning. Anthony is one of the comediens of the Coleman family and we appreciate him for the humor he brings but it was also lovely to hear how he was able to be fully present in such an earnest way for this event.

One of the most notable contributions that Anthony makes to YMAC is that he almost never comes to a meeting alone. He is always bringing someone new. And even though sometimes the promise of free pizza is his main recruitment strategy, when his peers see him shine as a leader in the group, more often than not, they are inspired to keep coming back.

Anthony wants to be a professional Chef one day and he can be found honing his cooking skills in the Coleman kitchen, preparing meals for dinner time member meetings.

JUN 11, 2015