Evelyn Cornejo continued

Evelyn continued:

At the beginning of the 2010/11 school year, Coleman began working with Cleveland as one of our “target schools”, carrying out daily campus outreach and leadership development activities. Evelyn had already been working with Coleman for years, and so she was immediately a huge asset to the development of the PMAC group at the school.

Right way, Evelyn began educating other parents about how important computer literacy is for student success. Soon, Cleveland parent leaders made the collective decision to launch an official PMAC campaign to win a student computer lab for the school.  The successful campaign served as powerful proof for parents of the power in their numbers.

One of the reasons Evelyn is such an effective organizer is that she is able to immediately inspire trust and confidence in other parents. When Evelyn speaks, she speaks passionately, and it is evident to everyone in the room that she not only wants the very best for her own children, but for all children.  Evelyn is also a talented event coordinator and has played leadership roles in countless PMAC campaign and school fundraising activities.

Evelyn is grateful for the support, and the sense of community and power, she gets from being a PMAC member. “It is an amazing feeling”, she says, “to know that whatever dream I have for my children and whatever change I want to make – I will never have to fight alone again”.

JUN 11, 2015