Mission & Core Values

Our Mission and Vision

Coleman builds the leadership and power of low-income and working class youth and parents of color in San Francisco to advance racial and economic justice in our schools and our city. Through grassroots organizing, budget and policy advocacy, and voter engagement, we are building a city of hope, justice, and opportunity – a San Francisco where all children and families have access to high-quality education, living wage jobs, family-supporting benefits, affordable housing, and a voice in the decisions that affect us.

Our Core Values

Grassroots Community Leadership: We believe that the people most affected by a problem must be the ones who determine and fight for the solutions.

Education as a Human Right The fight for quality education, as a fundamental human right and a strategy of upward mobility for low-income people and people of color, is central to our work to keep families in San Francisco. 

Equity and Social Justice: We are actively committed to the fight for equity and social justice, as they relate to race, class, gender and other areas of disenfranchisement, in our schools and communities.

Unity and Solidarity: We are a multigenerational, multiracial, multicultural and multilingual organization and we prioritize creating spaces for people of different ages, languages, races, and ethnicities to learn about and from each other, build community, and develop a collective vision for change. Together, we are stronger.

Youth at the Center: Youth have – and will always be – at the forefront of social change movements. At the same time that we centralize the leadership of young people, we understand that building community around an intergenerational model is essential to effective community organizing. 

Movement building: We believe that we must form strategic alliances with other community organizations to build a movement capable of winning long-term systemic social change because we cannot achieve our vision alone.

Innovation: We are working to solve some of our community’s toughest challenges and this requires bold and innovative leadership. We must consistently challenge ourselves to leverage our strengths in new and creative ways…to think, dream, and act outside of the box.