Join us next Tuesday 10/23 at the SF Board of Ed Meeting to demand an end to the criminalization and pushout of our Black and Brown students!

What: Coleman families mobilization to testify at the Board of Ed Meeting about the urgent need for increased measures to end pushout of Black and Brown student pushout.

When: Tuesday October 23rd, 5:45pm

Where: We will meet in the lobby outside the SFUSD BOE chambers at 555 Franklin St. 1st floor

Coleman will be sharing a 4 page preview of a report that evaluates SFUSD’s implementation of the 2014 Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution and details the ways in which the district has failed to follow through on its commitment to end disproportionate suspensions and pushout of Black students. It has been nearly five years since we won passage of the landmark Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution and Black students continue to be kicked out of classrooms and suspended at dramatically disproportionate rates and, more often than not, for subjective non-violent offenses like “disruption” and “defiance”.

We are calling on the district to recommit to ending the school-to-prison pipeline in San Francisco and invest in the success of our Black and Brown students and families by taking immediate, assertive action to implement key components of the Safe and Supportive Schools Resolution that have yet to be fully enacted, including:

1) an end to all suspensions and expulsions for willful defiance

2) the development of a Community Oversight Committee (to monitor discipline practices and support implementation and evaluation of reforms) that includes directly impacted students and families.

We are also calling on the district to create concrete opportunities for meaningful community participation in negotiations related to the MOU between SFUSD and SFPD, which is up for renewal in early 2019. Our members are demanding the opportunity to advocate for specific revisions to the MOU to increase protections for students and parents and expand outreach and education to ensure that all students and parents are aware of their rights in interactions with police in schools. Our student and parent members have had direct experiences that speak to problems with the current MOU and with police presence on and around our school campuses, and they want a seat at the table when the MOU is revisited next year.

Join us to demand the high quality education and safe and supportive schools that all our students deserve!

This Action is part of the Dignity in Schools Campaign (DSC) 9th Annual National Week of Action Against School Pushout.

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