Celebrate the Week of the Young Child by advocating for resources early care educators need to provide young children the care and education they deserve. Walk for ECE! Join us for a: Walk Around the Block!

Walk Around the Block!
Wednesday, April 18, 10 AM
Polk Street Steps of San Francisco City Hall
(west-side of Polk St., facing the park)

Let’s make loud and clear the need for state and San Francisco funding to address the ECE wage crisis. It‘s time to walk for increased public funds for ECE!

Can’t make it to City Hall on April 18? Hold a walk or other action in solidarity! 

  • Ask all the child care sites near you to meet up for a walk or other activity.
  • Have a letter-writing campaign.
  • Invite an elected official, mayorial candidate, or other notable to your site — and let us know!
  • Call the media to let them know!
  • Register to Take Action in Your Neighborhood. Let us know — we will include your action in our press release!

Take Action in My Neighborhood!

What can you do to get ready for the Walk Around the Block — and other solidarity actions?

1. Spread the word! Download a flyer in ChineseEnglish or Spanish
2. Tweet your support. Sample tweets:
  • Join #ECESF #Walk4ECE on April 18!
  • Walk for #worthywages! Walk for #ECESF April 18! Walk Around the Block, SF City Hall, 10AM!
  • #ECESF CAN raise revenue for ECE!
4. Write a letter to the editor to let the San Francisco community know how important ECE is. Make it timely; tell them that the Week of the Young Child is coming up, as well as the Walk Around the Blockin San Francisco on Wednesday, April 18. Here’s how. You can see a sample letter to the editor here.
Send a letter to your legislators too!
Do you know your SF Supervisor? Here’s a link to find yours. Let them know you want more funding for ECE!
Do you know your State Legislator? Here’s a link to find out. Let them know you want more funding for ECE!
5. Community campaignHold a day—or the whole week—for teachers, parents, and your community to write letters at your site. Let us know what you are doing so we can let the media and our community know too!
6. Learn the Walk chants and songs.

Make up your own and add to our list!
Some favorites:
Teachers can’t afford to stay,
Parents can’t afford to pay,
We need a better way!
To the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat:
Pay, Pay, Pay teachers well
‘Cuz they’re parents too!
If you want your child to learn,
What are you gonna do?