Who: Community Members, Students, Teachers, families in the Excelsior, and YOU

When & Where: At 10:30am, March FROM your site in Excelsior District TO Safeway, a flashpoint for community concerns about a proposed mega development.  Upon meeting up with all groups, it will be followed by a solidarity march up Mission and Russia St. to Excelsior Playground where educational activities and a celebration of community power will take place.

Why: To declare that no decisions should be made about our communities without our communities. We will showcase our neighborhood pride, solidarity, hope and community power in the Excelsior. This teach-in will serve as a place for neighbors, families and youth to collectively educate each other on the impacts of development and displacement, and reasons why we should care and take action.

Context:  Our neighborhoods have become increasingly unaffordable to our own families.  Throughout our schools and communities, everyone from children, to working families, to teachers are pinched by the high cost of housing.  We are experiencing displacement that is tearing apart the fabric of our community on a scale never before seen in our neighborhood. The rate of evictions have skyrocketed, and more and more high-end housing developments are coming into the neighborhood.  Our community’s voices have been invisible as decision makers fail to offer solutions that truly meet our community’s needs.


For MORE ways to participate, email cuhj.coordinator@gmail.com with subject line “Fight for Our Home”.

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