When: Saturday August 11 11:30am

Where: 4840 MIssion St Valente Mortuary Parking lot

We are not disposable, the Excelsior is not negotiable!

We are your local youth, community members, and justice seekers who are members of the neighborhood alliance, Communities United for Health and Justice. Our goal is to raise awareness about the displacement (and discrimination) in the Excelsior neighborhood.

Everyday we see our friends and family being displaced. The Excelsior is one of the last stronghold for working class immigrant community, however, we are very concerned that there are over 10 luxury housing developments in the works. These developments have a ripple effect that can effect future generations in communities of color that can lead to displacement. We believe in a different vision for the Excelsior as a displacement free zone! We want to build and preserve the culture of the community, by fighting for affordable housing.

We invite you to come join our youth organizers to fight for community and oppose the new 253 luxury units proposed at Safeway.

This is a family-friendly event and we encourage you to invite your friends and family. We will showcase our interactive art installation and we hope you can join us!