Tonight was the first reading of Board of Education Resolution ‘Support of Increased Oversight, Transparency, and Accountability for Charter Schools in Relation to Fiscal, Educational, and Socio-Emotional Impacts on SFUSD Students’, authored by Commissioners Mark Sanchez and Stevon Cook, with support from Coleman Advocates and our partners in the Close the Gap Coalition.

The Resolution mandates a full and open investigation of charter schools’ impact on San Francisco, and a pause on charter school expansion, until findings are shared and discussed with the community. The proposed policy also supports the creation of a new charter school oversight committee, open to community member participation, to increase transparency and accountability in existing charter schools within San Francisco.

Coleman staff and members came out tonight to voice our strong support of the Resolution. Some of the problems our members spoke to include charter schools siphoning precious funds and space from public schools, practicing selective admissions processes, engaging in racially biased school discipline and pushout practices, and evading public transparency requirements.

All of San Francisco’s children deserve a high quality public education. We have a lot of work to do to ensure equitable access and improve student experiences and outcomes in our public schools. We should be focused on funding and supporting proven solutions for ALL of San Francisco’s students, not unproven initiatives for a select few.#DefendPublicEd #ChartersArentSmarter