Coleman Champions Keep Us Radical

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You can now subscribe to be a monthly Coleman Champion. Funds from subscriptions support our work, particularly our parent trainings and development. This area is less commonly covered by grants so we rely on ongoing support from donors like you. 

For your monthly gift, Coleman Champions receive:

  1. a monthly playlist of songs that carry us through,
  2. exclusive Google Hangouts with staff to talk about education justice, and
  3. a Coleman water bottle.
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• $15 a month covers the cost of materials and food for five PMAC leadership trainings this upcoming school semester.
• $20 a month pays for transportation to Sacramento for 14 PMAC leaders to educate legislators about issues important to them.
• $50 a month allows us to provide simultaneous interpretation for our members at conferences and workshops throughout the year.

Coleman Champions

Build Power

The sustainability of our parent leadership organizing is possible because of your contributions and is critical to transforming the education system, giving parents and students leadership skills to voice and advocate for themselves. In short, Coleman Champions allow us to stay radical and be innovative in our work. 

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With Coleman’s help, I learned how to use my voice. I knew I shouldn’t hide, I shouldn’t just accept what was going on. I knew that I could make a change. Because I used the right words in my email to the principal, I got a phone call back the same day. If I hadn’t known about Coleman, I wouldn’t have known my rights or my daughter’s rights.”

Alexandra Contreras Gudino, Coleman Parent Leader since 2018

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