Melissa is Mexican, and her greatest inspiration is her family. She immigrated to San Francisco in search of opportunities due to the difficult economic situation in her country.

In Mexico, Melissa earned a Master of Science in biology. She is currently studying Business and Administration at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). Currently, she works for the City Dream program at CCSF, where she helps undocumented students get scholarships and resources to continue studying. Melissa is also the Home Support and Companionship manager of a cooperative that works with Dolores Street Community Services. It comprises Latino businessmen who care for the elderly in San Francisco. She is a SMAC fellow, helping community college students learn more about school services and opportunities. In 2023, she and other SMAC fellows formed the SMAC Club at the City College of San Francisco with the proposal of opening a space for expression for students and addressing specific topics such as the AB540 and AB705 programs. Melissa runs her own digital marketing business, Tok Tok Digital Marketing, where she creates websites and marketing campaigns for businesses. She is passionate about helping her community so that her children have a better education, regardless of their immigration status or race.

Melissa is a woman with many dreams. Her greatest inspiration is her children, who motivate her to fight daily and give her best. She firmly believes that change begins with us, which is the best legacy she wants to leave for her children. She will continue to work for her community. She dreams of making San Francisco a community filled with love and tolerance.

Melissa likes cars, especially fast ones! She loves to go out and feel the air because it feels free.