Julian Hall

Julian Hall is San Francisco born and raised and a product of its public school system. Growing up across neighborhoods in a rapidly changing city alongside six brothers and sisters, he and his family got by thanks to community support systems like those at Coleman. In high school, Julian discovered and honed his artistic and […]

Gillian Garcia

Gillian was born and raised in San Francisco and has been a part of Coleman since she was three. Her mother was a PMAC Fellow, and now Gillian is one too! She began broadening her knowledge by working with organizations that provide families access to affordable housing, rent relief, and resource assistance. She was also […]

Brandie Bowen

Brandie has been connected with Coleman Advocates since 2015 when she started as an intern and established Children Making a Change for Coleman’s youngest members to develop as organizers and leaders for education justice early on. She is also an Auntie, artist, and writer, and she holds an M.A. Degree in Human Rights Education from […]

Angie Arroyo

Angie (She/They) was born and raised in Costa Mesa, California, and comes from an immigrant single-parent household. She is of Mexican descent and a first-generation college graduate. As a child, she was part of a community-based organization in which she advocated for the rights of low-income POC; that is where her love for supporting her […]