Aubrey Chikere

My “why” for working at Coleman is… I believe that change is possible through the perseverance of people’s will to put in the work for it. Through past experiences with student leading and organizing, I’ve seen the effects of what a strong will for change brings, usually resulting in success, though the journey to it […]

Chris Diaz

Chris is a high school senior and attends YMAC’s weekly lunch program. He joined in December of 2023 after participating in YMAC’s Summer Program. After that, he continuously participated and got more involved because he felt that YMAC was a safe space for him. He likes learning about the community because he grew up in […]

Jayllyn Godfrey

My “why” for working at Coleman is… I want to make a change for the betterment of the community I am taking part of, and this place is an excellent start. There are plenty of things I’m frustrated by that exist today that I can do very little to change on my own, but being […]

Roció Vargas

Roció llego a San Francisco en el 2021 con sus hijos. Ellos ya estaban estudiando en una de las escuelas en el Excelsior, el motivó que la trajo a Coleman en el 2023 fue para saber más información para poder ayudar a sus hijos y aprender más de sus derechos como padre y cómo involucrarse […]

Kelvin Gilliam

Kelvin is born and raised in San Francisco and grew up in the changing communities, but found a place of community. Since elementary school, he has emphasized the importance of building community. While in SMAC, he hopes to build a legacy for the future based on the foundation of respect and love.

Alex Gudiel Reyes

Alex joined YMAC in March of 2023 after attending the Coleman Leadership Retreat. He has then helped lead the Love Group lunch club. He’s passionate about helping Black and Brown youth navigate through the SFUSD system and get the resources they need to be successful. Because, as a Brown kid, he has experienced the struggles […]

Melissa Camacho

Melissa is Mexican, and her greatest inspiration is her family. She immigrated to San Francisco in search of opportunities due to the difficult economic situation in her country. In Mexico, Melissa earned a Master of Science in biology. She is currently studying Business and Administration at City College of San Francisco (CCSF). Currently, she works […]