Roció Vargas

Roció llego a San Francisco en el 2021 con sus hijos. Ellos ya estaban estudiando en una de las escuelas en el Excelsior, el motivó que la trajo a Coleman en el 2023 fue para saber más información para poder ayudar a sus hijos y aprender más de sus derechos como padre y cómo involucrarse […]

Blanca Fabiola Catalan Salmeron

Blanca was born in Mexico and has lived in San Francisco since 2006. She has four children who she enjoys spending time with. She joined Coleman in 2020 while wanting to learn more about how the education system works in SFUSD and also wanting to find and create greater opportunities for her children’s education. Blanca […]

RoShon Murray

RoShon, born and raised in San Francisco, is passionate about Community/Public Health and Education. She has over 10 years of experience serving and working in San Francisco, Bayview/Hunters’ Point as an Advocate, Educator, and Navigator. She obtained her Associate of Science in Public Health and Community Health Worker Certificate from City College of SF. RoShon […]

Mirna Vasquez

Mirna became a PMAC Organizer in 2018 after five years as a Parent Leader. She has been the PMAC Lead Organizer since 2020. Mirna is a mother of three children in SF public schools. In addition to helping to lead Coleman district-level campaigns, including our Solutions Not Suspensions campaign to win transformative school discipline reforms, Mirna serves as a volunteer […]