Yesenia Palma Cortez

Yesenia is a proud Salvadoran, born and raised in San Francisco. She is an SFUSD graduate (2023) and will continue her education at the University of San Francisco with the goal and dream of being an immigration lawyer. She comes from an immigrant family who struggled to get their rights respected. She is very passionate […]

Alex Gudiel Reyes

Alex is currently a Junior at Downtown High School. He joined YMAC in March of 2023 after attending the Coleman Leadership Retreat. He has then helped lead the Love Group lunch club. He’s passionate about helping Black and Brown youth navigate through the SFUSD system and get the resources they need to be successful. Because, […]

Ashley Pocasangre

Ashley Pocasangre is a first-generation immigrant and SFUSD graduate currently studying Political Science and Criminal Justice at San Francisco State University. She has been doing community-based work for the past five years, focusing on helping the most impacted people in our community. She started organizing in high schools around high school-related issues and immigration, then […]

Andrea Mejia

Andrea Mejia was born in the City and raised in the City and East Oakland, as the daughter of immigrant parents from Central America. As Coleman’s YMAC Lead Organizer, Andrea brings her personal experience of school pushout and the school-to-prison pipeline, which helps her understand and further serve San Francisco’s most impacted youth. Raised by […]