Ashley Pocasangre

Ashley Pocasangre is a first-generation immigrant and SFUSD graduate currently studying Political Science and Criminal Justice at San Francisco State University. She has been doing community-based work for the past five years, focusing on helping the most impacted people in our community. She started organizing in high schools around high school-related issues and immigration, then […]

Art Savangsy

Once an at-risk foster youth from the low-income projects, Art had to navigate his way through being homeless as a young teenager, re-entering high school after missing a few years of public education. He re-routed his life towards a future where he was able to finish college to return to the community and pay it […]

Andrea Mejia

Andrea Mejia was born in the City and raised in the City and East Oakland, as the daughter of immigrant parents from Central America. As Coleman’s YMAC Lead Organizer, Andrea brings her personal experience of school pushout and the school-to-prison pipeline, which helps her understand and further serve San Francisco’s most impacted youth. Raised by […]

MJ Hart

Born and bred in the Bay Area, MJ (they/them) is an artist, abolitionist, community organizer and gang member turned activist after surviving the horrors of growing up in the criminal injustice system. MJ is on the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission in San Mateo County and is a Founding Board Member with the organization Pride In Truth. MJ is the […]