FREE City College!
San Franciscans: Enroll now for Fall 2017

The Free City Coalition organized and won the campaign to make City College FREE for San Franciscans again—like it was before 1984. We are a coalition of:

• City College faculty and students
• SF labor and community organizations
• City leaders

Last year Free City was funded by the voters through a tax on property sales over $5M. Beginning Fall 2017, Free City is a Fall and Spring semester partnership between CCSF and the City and County of San Francisco.

Online enrollment has already begun.
In-person enrollment starts August 7, 2017.

Free City will:

• Cover tuition for ALL San Francisco residents who qualify as in-state.
• Provide extra financial assistance for eligible Free City participants.
• Help reverse alarming trends in student debt in our City.
• Serve a diverse range of students with expanded educational access—from traditional college-age students to their neighbors, moms, and grand-moms!

Enroll now
Help and resources 415.239.3711