At Coleman, we utilize five inter-related strategies to achieve our ambitious community change agenda:  

  • Building a base and developing leaders: Coleman brings large numbers of youth and families together to build power and take action to hold systems accountable to the community’s needs and interests.  We support members to take leadership in changing the conditions in their lives, develop a shared analysis of community problems, build skills and confidence, organize other leaders and supporters, and participate in collective action.

  • Organizing policy and budget campaigns: Coleman supports our members to conduct research to identify policy solutions to community problems and to choose, lead and win policy and budget reform campaigns. Currently, we are focused on developing new resources and implementing reforms to end the school-to-prison pipeline and to expand district opportunities for parent education and leadership.

  • Engaging and educating voters: Coleman carries out nonpartisan voter engagement efforts to educate and empower historically disenfranchised communities in San Francisco and to hold our elected officials accountable to our communities’ interests.

  • Monitoring systems and policies: Coleman members play critical system “watchdog” roles in our schools and communities – sometimes as leaders in official district/city taskforces and working groups – to analyze problems, design solutions, support policy implementation, and ensure that institutions are held accountable to commitments made.

  • Building alliances and coalitions: Coleman helps to develop and lead local, state and national coalitions and alliances to build bridges across issues and communities and grow the diverse base and abundant resources necessary for long-term systems change.