1. Go to the page https://colemanadvocates.org/about/#whoweare
  2. The staff list is in alpha order.
  3. Determine where you are going to insert the new staff box, for each box has either a LEFT design or a RIGHT design. For instance, Rosie’s box has a design where photo is on the placed on the left and Kevine’s box has a design with its photo placed on the right.
  4. Click on EDIT PAGE. Scroll down the page to get to the staff listing module.
    If you click on one of the sub module with a staff name tagged to it, you will see a pop up box with the Person Module Settings shown. NOW SOME EXPLANATIONS BEFORE WE PROCEED.
  5. The way to set up these designs, is to go to click on the ADVANCED tab and assign to the CSS CLASS field the proper string “left_person” or “right_person” (left_person indicates the photo is placed on the left side, vice-versa for right_person).

  6. Once you determined what the CSS Class should be, now go and duplicate  any staff box/module, by clicking the duplicate button, as shown here.
  7. Drag the box to the level where the names are in alpha order.
  8. Now, expand the staff box you just moved by double-click the box. The staff box is now enlarged. Fill in the Name field in this fashion: First Last | PositionLeave the “Position” Field empty.
  9. Next scroll down to the description field and fill in information for the staff with email info on the first line, <ENTER>, and position description text as a short paragraph.
  10. When finished, scroll down one more level and upload an image of your staff. The image must be a square image.
  11. You have the option to change the background color of the box.  Scroll down again to the background color option. Click on the “Gear” icon.

  12. Select a color from this set to stay in the color theme:Darkest orange eb5c3f

    logo orange f36f21

    third orange f0853c

    fourth orange f8ac30

    lightest orange f7ce00

  13. Update the Admin Label with the name of the entry staff. Then click on “Save & Exit.”
  14. Finally, save the work for the entire page, by clicking the “Update” button.