What: Community mobilization and testimony during public comment at Board of Education meeting

When: Tuesday May 8th, 6pm

Where: 555 Franklin St.

Why: So many important decisions are being made at this BOE Meeting and SFUSD needs to hear from a community that won’t compromise when it comes to education equity!

Demand more community transparency and student/family engagement re two new SFUSD school discipline policies: At Tuesday’s BOE meeting there will be a first reading of two new policies related to student search and seizure, the use of metal detectors, and police officers questioning students on campuses. We are still researching the policies to fully understand the implications and potential impacts, as well as the ways in which each policy affirms, furthers or backtracks on school discipline reforms implemented in recent years. Click here and here for links to the policies.

Regardless of the specifics of these policies, the district should not be creating policy without meaningful community input. Given the district’s professed commitment to improving its problematic record related to community transparency and student and parent involvement in these kinds of important decisions, we are concerned and disappointed about the lack of transparency and authentic outreach and engagement in the development of these policies. The students, families, teachers, school staff, and others who are most directly affected by these issues should be the ones designing the solutions to the problems in our schools, not hearing about new policies just days before BOE consideration.    

Support the Malcolm X Academy school community fighting to protect their space from co-location with KIPP Bay Area.  KIPP Bay Area, a large charter school network, is planning to take over 11 of the classrooms at Malcolm X Academy elementary school in the Bayview district. Malcolm X students, parents, faculty and staff are opposed to this co-location. It will mean a loss of substantial space that is currently used for one-on-one supports, restorative practices, and wellness services that have been critical to the school’s recent school climate and academic outcomes improvements. Additionally, Malcom X was recently awarded funding from the DCYF for a new Beacon Center and the intention was to use some of this space for the Center. The co-location plan and process have been completely out of alignment with the district’s professed priority on meaningful student, family, and community engagement. Those most directly affected by this co-location have had virtually no say in this process or decision. Demand that the voices and interests of the Malcolm X School Community be prioritized! No Malcolm X Academy co-location with KIPP Charter!  

Stand up against Racist attacks and support SF Arab youth. The Arab Resource and Organizing Center is the only community-based Arab organization working in San Francisco public schools, providing critical language and cultural programming for Arab youth across the city. For ten years, AROC has run programming in multiple middle and high schools in San Francisco, and has rigorously supported Arab and Muslim families in the academic and social achievements of their children. Despite a positive assessment of its work by San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) staff and overwhelming support from the community, for the last 3 years AROC has not been allowed to work within SFUSD schools due to external Anti-Arab pressures on the district. Demand that SFUSD allow AROC to continue Arab youth programming in SF schools! As anti-Arab and Islamophobic attacks against Arab families intensify, let’s stand strong in support of AROC’ critical community-based work in our schools.