Did You Know?

SF has the second highest concentration of billionaires in the U.S., after NYC.

SF County has the highest poverty rate in the Bay Area.

SF has the highest percentage of homeless youth and young adults in the U.S.

SF has the lowest percentage of children of any of the largest 100 cities in the U.S.

71% of SF kids and 89% of SFUSD students are children of color.

38% of SF families do not earn enough to pay for their basic needs without public assistance, based on the SF Self-Sufficiency Index.

Average rent on a 2 bedroom apartment in SF is $4,650, almost twice as much as the national average.


SFUSD has one of the largest racial achievement gaps and some of the worst scores for African American and Latino students in CA.

Exclusionary discipline practices make it much more likely that a student will fall behind, fail to graduate, and get involved in the juvenile justice system.

In SFUSD, Black students are 6 times more likely to be suspended than white students.

70% of all suspensions in SFUSD are of African American and Latino students.


Coleman Advocates is nationally known as a community-organizing powerhouse. We believe that the voices and perspectives of low-income youth and parents are essential to developing real solutions to the problems plaguing our schools and communities.

The heart of our work is empowerment. We’ve trained thousands of young people and parents to organize for change.

These programs are highly successful. From the nation’s first tax set-aside for children’s services to alternatives to incarceration for vulnerable youth to landmark education equity reforms, Coleman members have developed, advocated for and won policy and budget changes that have improved conditions and expanded opportunities for hundreds of thousands of San Francisco children and families.

And the reach of our member-led campaigns goes far beyond San Francisco. Our successes have inspired similar reforms throughout the state and country.

Our Base

Coleman members are the heart and soul of our work. Engaged parents and young people join Coleman because they know they cannot fight our community’s problems alone. Coleman membership meetings are lively spaces, full of debate, lots of food, and the sound of laughter.

Members join, pay dues, and take action together. Leaders meet together weekly in local elementary, middle and high schools, gather the courage to speak out and build unity across race, language and generations. Together, they envision and lead issue campaigns that make a real difference.

Parents Making a Change (PMAC) is the program we created that empowers low-income parents of color (and other guardians) to advocate for positive change in their schools and communities. PMAC develops the leadership, skills, and confidence of thousands of parents.

Coleman provides on-going support as PMAC members lead high-impact policy and budget reform efforts on issues ranging from bilingual and special education programming, to student access to technology resources, to expansion of childcare resources and workforce development programs.

Youth Making a Change (YMAC), going strong since 1991, is the groundbreaking program Coleman Advocates developed for organizing low-income high school students of color in San Francisco. YMAC has involved thousands of youth in youth-led advocacy efforts to stand for and win innovative programs for San Francisco’s high schools and students—including Wellness Centers and SF Youth Vote, as well as landmark policies to close the racial achievement gap.

YMAC is a hybrid model of member-led grassroots organizing, sharp policy and budget advocacy, and deep civic engagement. In addition, YMAC members receive individual and group academic and personal support, and community-building activities that we see as essential to sustainable community organizing.

Coleman’s hope is to develop committed life-long leaders who exert leadership in their own lives, in their schools, in our organization, and in movements for racial and economic justice.

Leadership Roles

Alliance for Education Justice, Founding Member

Bay Area Equal Voice, Steering Committee

Bay Resistance, Steering Committee

Black to the Future, Founding Member

Close the Gap Coalition, Founding Member

Communities United for Health and Justice, Founding Member

Dignity in Schools Bay Area Chapter, Founding Member and Leadership Committee

Fix School Discipline Statewide Policy Coalition, participate in many working groups

Jobs with Justice San Francisco, Steering Committee

Movement for Black Lives Policy Table, United Front Member

National Dignity in Schools Campaign, Coordinating Committee

San Francisco Rising, Founding Member, Electoral Alliance, Leadership Committee

Yo! California, Founding Member and Steering Committee


Our Allies