Pledge your support and show solidarity with students across the state, as we urge CA Governor Brown to SIGN #SB607 to keep all students in school! California issues more suspensions than high school diplomas each year. Some schools suspend more than one out of every four students. Two decades of research show that responding to youth behavior with policies that send students away from school does not work; suspensions and expulsions fail to improve the behavior of students being disciplined, and do not make the remaining students in class any safer.Black and Brown students are overwhelmingly impacted, with Black students experiencing nearly 4 times more suspensions than white students for disruption/defiance. 90% of California youth in juvenile halls and youth prisons (Probation camps and ranches) were suspended or expelled from school before their incarceration. 80% of the people in prisons across the nation have not graduated from high school.

Since the passage of AB 420 in 2013, California experienced a 69% drop in defiance/disruption suspensions across the state during 2013-2017, and it only applied to grades K-3. SB 607 aims to expand the ending of defiance/disruption suspensions to all California public schools, grades K-12. Please sign and share this form to support students across the state, as we urge CA Governor Brown to SIGN #SB607 and #KeepUsInSchool!

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