San Francisco school board members on Tuesday declared their support for a ballot measure coming before voters this November that aims to address The City’s homelessness crisis by taxing its largest businesses.

Under Proposition C, the “Our City Our Home” initiative, companies grossing more than $50 million annually would be subjected to a 0.5 percent raise in gross receipts taxes, creating a projected $300 million in revenue to fund homeless services and housing.

At a Board of Education hearing on Tuesday, all but one commissioner voted in favor of a resolution introduced by Commissioner Matt Haney in support of the measure.

“A couple of months ago we passed a resolution formulating a new approach to how we support homeless students, committing our own resources, potentially our own land and being a first responder for families in danger of becoming homeless,” said Haney, who is running for supervisor in District 6. “I hope as a district we don’t just support this measure, but when it passes that we are at the table.”

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